Yacht insurance
All our yachts are fully insured under the comprehensive cover of EIS – European Insurance & Services. The insurance covers all damage to the yacht and equipment with a deductible excess of € 2.500,00 / € 3.500,00 / € 6.500,00 for each event. Damage to the ship and the equipment caused by uninsured third parties vessels (whether culpable or not) are also covered for up to half the yacht´s value.

Liability insurance
EIS´s liability insurance, for all of our yachts, covers personal injury and damage to third parties vessels with an upper limit of € 5,000,000.00. This liability insurance also includes cover for the protection of waters, most explicitly for Greek waters, as required under Law 4256/2014 (Greek Compulsory Third Party Liability Endorsement). The general Greek liability insurance conditions requisite for Greek waters.

Deposit Insurance

Please find your offer for a deposit insurance here:
Deposit Insurance
With this insurance it is possible to get a full refund of the deposit given to us.

EIS also offers a wide range of supplementary insurance for skippers and crew, for example:
- Skipper liability insurance
- Cancellation insurance
- International health & accident insurance