Sailing in times of the COVID-19 pandemic

Going on holiday alone with your family or close friends on a yacht is safe and possible to do in the times of "Corona". A large number of our customers have already stated that as soon as the current travel restrictions are lifted, they want and are ready to start their vacations.

According to the relevant experts, as a large-scale vaccination against Corona will not be available until the beginning of 2021, at the earliest, we have already started thinking about "sailing under COVID-19".
Since a sterile yacht, correctly equipped is virtually the safest option for a vacation, we have developed a concept of what a "life with COVID-19" on a yacht charter should or can look like.

Safety, cleanliness and disinfection
All our yachts will be thoroughly disinfected after the usual cleaning and before being handed over to the customer, with OZON (a gas that is also called ’’active oxygen’’ or ’’tri-oxygen’’ and is generated by means of an ozone generator). One FFP mask per crew member as well as a hand sanitizer dispenser, will be on board when the customer takes delivery of the yacht.

It goes without saying that all our employees will also comply with these hygiene regulations (masks and hand disinfection). In order to protect our employees, please understand that we must insist a protective mask is worn, by all those involved in any interaction with the staff (office, check-in and check-out) and that the necessary safety distance is maintained.

In order to give our customers the greatest possible independence, we rely on "self-sufficiency" when equipping our yachts.

The following areas are vital:

All of our yachts have solar panels and we have increased the capacities. Even the smallest yacht now has at least 300W of solar energy, on the larger yachts up to 600W. This is to ensure the independence of the on-board power supply, even without a shore connection. To guarantee that cooling appliances, inverters and communication equipment are always functioning.

All our yachts have been fitted with CEBILON brand, drinking water treatment systems. These systems work on the principle of reverse osmosis, with an elaborate filter system able to turn the water in the water tanks, up to 280 liters a day, into the best, germ-free drinking water.

So no more unnecessary hauling and storing of plastic water bottles! Hygienic glass bottles for cooling the drinking water will already be on board! We are particularly proud of this new achievement, not only because of the pandemic, but also because we have succeeded in doing something about the tons of plastic waste, in the form of water bottles, that were delivered annually on board our yachts.

Food and protection
Anyone who has already chartered with us knows, that we are happy to do the provisions shopping for you, the prices of the goods are the standard commercial prices. As in the past, we will not only deliver the food on board, store necessary items in the fridge but from now on we will – if requested – remove all unnecessary packaging and disinfect the goods, as much as possible, before they go on board. Again a positive side effect for the environment.

Pre-ordering and delivery of protective agents
Disposable gloves, masks and sanitizers is also no problem, since the supply situation in Turkey is exemplary. So we have expanded our "Provisions list" accordingly. Of course, one of the most pleasurable aspects of a sailing trip in Turkey is eating at a restaurant in one of the bays. In order to enable our customers to still be able to do this and yet maintain a safe social distance, we have already contacted some of the restaurants and everyone is planning, ready to adapt to the new situation. This includes maintaining the safe social distance of the tables or if customers prefer, delivering food and drinks directly to the yacht.

Transfers from and to the airport
If our customers book a transfer to and from the airport via our service partner "ZEUS", it can be guaranteed that the vehicle has been thoroughly disinfected and that the driver complies with the necessary hygiene regulations. Due to national regulations, the seats next to the driver must remain free. The vehicle is chosen to ensure that customers are at a safe social distance from the driver, and the transportation is limited to the people booked by our customers. Manual disinfection will also be available in the vehicle.

We are always there for you
Our technical hotline will be available to our customers for any medical questions and/or emergencies around the clock, 7 days a week. Due to our extensive local knowledge and contacts, we can very quickly organize the nearest assistance to our customers or alternatively take the most  appropriate measures to reach them by land, air or sea. Our multilingual employees are always available to help customers with any communication problems.
Of course, all of our measures are not a way out of this pandemic but they are definitely suitable, until a vaccine is produced, to help us "learn to live with the virus". Allowing us to have an enjoyable, relaxing trip on the beautiful Turkish coast, spending quality time with family and close friends.

We keep up to date with all the latest developments on this topic, so when necessary we can review and modify our measures, adapting them at any time to the latest requirements. The primary goal is always maintaining everyone’s health and wellbeing. In our view, the precautionary measures we have taken will ensure this.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this topic.
We are available for you anytime and happy to answer any queries you may have.

Until then, stay healthy :) and we will be very happy to see you soon in Turkey.